Agency Overview:             

The Minority Alliance for Advocating Community Awareness and Action, Inc. (MAACA), formerly known as the Minority AIDS Action Committee (MAAC) was established in October, 1999 under Shisa, Inc. on behalf of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) capacity-building grant CDC PA 00003 Priority 3: Strengthening Community Capacity for HIV Prevention. By September, 2003 MAACA obtained its 501(c)(3) status.

MAACA offices are located  1720 S Gadsden Street, Ste. 223, Tallahassee, FL 32301 where we provide HIV testing and counseling, our H.I.R.E. Inmate Job Placement Program and the Abstinence Education program.

MAACA Mission:             

To empower the community through the linkage of services, the creation of culturally sensitive programs and mobilization strategies.

Vision Statement:

MAACA is striving to be the leader in providing innovative empowerment solutions to the community. MAACA covers a wide range of social service educational programs such as abstinence education, tutoring, peer programs and other community outreach programs. Currently, the group focus areas are HIV prevention, abstinence education and job placement for inmates. MAACA’s targe population is the general population. Each program has specific written goals and objectives as well as a mission and vision statement.

The MAACA board consists of community volunteers, many of whom are degreed individuals as well as members of target high-risk populations. 

Program/Department Mission Statement:

High Impact Prevention HIP:  Through  a grant from the CDC administered by the Florida Department of Health,  MAACA Inc. is following the goal of "Getting to Zero" through innovative  programs to end HIV/AIDS in our community.

MAACA Peer Navigator Program:  People  Living With HIV/AIDS playing a special role in their health and the  health of the community.  An innovative program, the first of it's kind in our area.  For more details visit www.capitalcityaidsnetwork.org.

H.I.R.E. Inmate Job Placement Program: 

To decrease the recidivism rate in Leon County by linking inmates to existing community resources.

Abstinence Only Education  Program: 

To promote abstinence as a healthy choice and a positive lifestyle through the implementation of the Choosing the Best Life curriculum. Youth will also be educated 

on the consequences of out of wedlock sexual activity including pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

HIV/AIDS Education Program: 

To empower communities by providing information and other resources to improve the quality of life for their residents. MAACA is a source for information about HIV/AIDS Prevention, Awareness, and Treatment. Whiles  promoting skill building for navigation of health care systems  regarding HIV/AIDS, MAACA develops mobilization strategies regarding  teen pregnancy, parenting, and other community issues as they arise.