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Countdown Trailer | TrailerPage FILM.TV

The Story to Countdown Trailer: As a previously completely satisfied nurse on her smartphone downloads and installs an app, she soon panics. The app claims to predict the moment a person dies. Unfortunately, she is now told that she has only three days left to live. As the clock ticks and a mysterious figure pursues

Dragon Ball Sequence: How to Watch the Movies Correctly

 Dragon Ball has long been one of the most popular animes ever. Son Goku's adventures inspire us both in the series and in the movies. Below we summarize in which order you should watch the movies. Even the mega-franchise Dragon Ball started quite small, so created the draftsman Akira Toriyama 1984, the first manga. To

Game Of Thrones: First Information on the Targaryen Series

 The last season of Game Of Thrones left audiences with a big hole. Fortunately, the universe is being continued by George R. R. Martin. The new spin-off is supposed to revolve around the Targaryan family. George R. R. Martin now officially joined the new series. We'll tell you everything about the sequel to Game Of

Midsommar FSK: Age approval for the acclaimed horror movie

 Director Ari Aster is known as the maker of the horror shocker Hereditary. Now he starts his second movie with Midsommar. Whether the new strip would be longer and harder, remained unclear. Now the FSK has made an official judgment. Here you will learn all about the age rating to Midsommar. Hereditary – The Legacy