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National Community Health Partners is hosting a webinar about women's health and partner violence.

We invite you to attend:

Living on the Edge:
A Woman’s Health and Intimate Partner Violence


RJ Shannon
Arizona Department of Health Services


In over 30 years of learning about and addressing HIV and AIDS, there is an even longer history of battling the issues of intimate partner, family and community violence. When these major public health issues are combined, access to testing and medications will simply not suffice if one seeks to lengthen the life spans of those affected by HIV and violence. It has been determined that addressing violence not only lowers the risk of a person’s vulnerability to HIV and AIDS but also increases the life spans and changes the life course of those affected. This webinar will speak to the effects of violence on the lives of HIV+ women and their families. In addition, it will offer globally agreed upon principles for changing the course of violence and HIV in a woman’s life.

When the lives of women and children are threatened, the community dies. When the lives of women and children are lifted, the community thrives.

Date/Time: Tuesday, September 30 
2-3pm EDT1-2pm CDT12-1pm MDT11am-12pm PDT

Register now at:


Questions, please contact Ann Verdine at 520/795-9756 or via e-mail,averdine@nchponline.org

Space is limited!
Seats will be available on a first
come basis on the day of the Webinar.

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